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WEB Site:   Updated February 14, 2014


*****   The gold wash lime green Giant Cicada button is back, in conjunction with the hatch of the Cicadas in Carbon County Pennsylvania on June 9, 2013 !  As you know these creatures appear above ground once every 17 years. These 17-year cicadas live out most of their long lives as nymphs underground, but, each 17 years, they crawl out of the ground for a three-to-four-week festival of singing and mating.


Beautiful French Rose Pink white hearts in size 8/0 ! Before the French factory closed many years ago, they were producing beads in the old Italian colors almost exactly. These white hearts have that nice soft rose pink color and would look nice in a single or multiple strand necklace or bracelet. One tube [15 grams] makes a strand 36" long. You will find them on our 8/0 seed bead page. Click on the image and we'll take you there !

Image are enlarged to illustrate the old time color.

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We have also found some of the 8/0 French Greasy Lemon yellow 0805OTC  and French Greasy Mustard 0804OTC.

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We have added 2.5mm [diameter] two-cut Serpentine in a nice traslucent lemon-lime color and 2mm labradorite.

Serpentine  semi_serpentine2.5mm2cut.jpg (2946 bytes)    semi_labra2mm.jpg (4531 bytes)  Labradorite


  " * "EB111VB18 is white with thin red stripes; EB112VB18 is a 2-cut bead; amber colored silver lined glass. Click on the image and we'll take you to the Antique Italian 16-22 bead page.

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